Family Album: Rephotographs
Inspiration for this project came when looking at old family photos and then wanting to preserve the image itself and the memories that came with them. I wanted to re-photograph the pictures and add some element that gave a surreal quality to them - something that looked the way my mind's eye remembered them. Like images flashing on some memory screen in my own brain. I had an old Kodak slide viewer sitting around that I never used for anything so I wanted to incorporate that into the concept. My process was this: I rephotographed all the old photos on slide film, projected them onto the screen of the slide viewer then re-rephotographed the whole setup in the studio digitally and added some film emulation processing. I was careful not to move camera or setup - the only thing I wanted to change from image to image was the original photo. The resulting images are a compilation of some family photos as I saw and remembered them.
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